In the Town of Kamayanan, and the Legend of the Dancing Hands

April 14, 2020 | AD CAMPAIGN

It’s time to let your kids discover how the simple act of handwashing can save their town… and the world. Itch Creatives’ Armand Sazon and Ralph Guibani teamed up with writer Boom Enriquez and illustrator Elbert Or to make this message come alive.

“In the Town of Kamayanan, And The Legend of the Dancing Hands” is the first Philippine children’s e-storybook created as a response to the alarming COVID-19 outbreak. Its storyline centers around knowing that as one community, the very solution to this pandemic is (quite literally) right in the palm of our hands. 

But why a children’s book? COVID-19 brought about a shared lockdown experience across the globe, with almost everyone in quarantine or adhering to a work-from-home setup. This lent more time for interaction between parents and children, which meant more bonding moments, and more room for bedtime stories. What better way to help our kids process the current situation than to tell them in a fun, age-appropriate manner?

Two Filipino words come together in the title. Kamay, in Filipino, means “hands” while Pamayanan, means “community”. These seemingly mundane words combine to share to the world the radically simple act of handwashing as a way of coming together to rally against a global pandemic.

Pause, sit down, and turn the digital page here:

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