Naksperience [noun]

1) an experience that brings joy and amazement

2) an achievement that can impress others and cause them to utter, “naks naman”

3) a personal win that can raise one’s self-image

4) an experience that adds value to one’s life

Itch's campaign for OLX, Naksperience, came from their own Naks experience. On the day they set their minds to it, endless back and forth in their modest conference room had, as of yet, been unfruitful. 

At the request of their long-term client OLX, Itch set their creative juices flowing towards establishing the company not just as a powerful tool to earn money and get items but a path towards self-empowerment. Having successfully advertised the company, then called, and emphasized how it is useful to both buyers and sellers, the message of the brand had graduated from functional to emotional. As Armand Sazon, Itch’s Managing Director says it, the challenge was now to tell the world that with OLX, you get an emotional experience worth repeating.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, your transactions on OLX are something you can be proud of. Buyers can get great-quality secondhand items for an affordable price. Sellers are able to get rid of items they no longer need, while earning extra cash to use on things with more value to them. All of these are joyful experiences worth celebrating.

This was the challenge for the agency: how do you put intuitive knowledge, emotions, desires, and needs into simple words? In Itch’s case, it took a few hours of brainstorming. After two hours, their then intern Paul gave them their Naks experience for the day. Just a week or two into the job, Paul was shy, nervous, and still on the quiet side. A counter to all his seriousness, the room burst into expressive happiness and encouragement like only creative people can do when he suggested, “Naksperience.”

In a unified a-ha moment, they knew that was the one. Naksperience was unique and rolled off the tongue. What’s more it was a playful Filipino coinage they could own. Now, Naksperience is decked in blue, white, and orange, embodied by key Filipino influencers, broadcasted outdoors and on digital media. The imagery is direct, the emotions strong, and the message is clear. Naksperience basically means making the most of what you have and winning at life through diskarte. 

Naks Naman!