A few years ago, the idea of a reloadable credit card probably wouldn’t have made that much sense. Today, when almost all financial transactions can be done digitally, the reloadable credit card doesn’t just make sense – it’s a sought-out solution to a daily need. Enter PayMaya in 2015.

The result of collaboration between Smart e-Money and Rocket Internet, PayMaya joins the ranks of reloadable cards available to the Filipino consumer. Using both an app and a reloadable card to provide the benefits of a credit card without the debt and hassle, PayMaya is an innovative digital solution that’s set to change how young Filipinos pay. To introduce the product, Itch was tasked to tell the Filipino millennial specifically, “Hey, this is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to your financial life.”

Unsurprisingly, they got it right. Look at Itch’s composition and you’ll see that they are the audience. Their graphic designers love to travel. Their copywriters express themselves through art, words, and fashion. 95% of them are in the phase of their lives where being tied down to debt and long-term payments simply isn’t an option. They are those who would much rather have a reloadable source of money via an app, than stand in line at the bank for a traditional credit card that they’ll bring with them into their 30s. When the ad makers mirror the audience they’re speaking to, the craft simply becomes a matter of intuition and skill.

How do you sell this virtual visa to the unbanked? Associate Creative Director Nico Pablo asked himself this: “What is the most natural conclusion you can arrive at with a product like PayMaya? How do you communicate this in the clearest way possible?” With the understanding that a product like this would let him pay for all the things he couldn’t pay for before, he realized that now, he can. “Now you can book tickets to Japan. Now you can buy tickets to see your favorite artist live online. Now you can get those game upgrades easily. Now you can shop online hassle-free! With PayMaya, “Now you can.”

Itch worked with the truth that copy isn’t just about speaking in the language of your audience - it’s about thinking like them and whittling down all the details to find the simplest idea they’d have about the product: Now I can.

In 2016, Itch joined forces with its media partner TouchBPN to relaunch PayMaya with a new campaign that would cut right down to the core of the brand. The previous year’s communications were admittedly divided between the app and the Beep feature of the PayMaya card, which sought to make commutes more convenient. With a more streamlined and intelligent media placement strategy, Itch and TouchBPN reworked the message with their clients to make it even more direct and effective: PayMaya is your app to pay online.Recognizing that the millennial is a social creature, Itch augmented the power of the 2016 hero campaign with the simultaneously-running digital campaign #NowNation. Itch wanted the target market to recognize that their PayMaya experience did not end with their phone; they are also part of a generation that now has a tool that empowers them to tick items off their bucket lists more conveniently – whether it is to see the world or express their authentic self.

For this campaign, several youth influencers were tapped to spread awareness and education on the full potential of using PayMaya. They were: Alyssa Valdes, the Phenom of Philippine Volleyball; Jonas Roque, the Wandering Weekend Warrior; Carlo Atendido, DJ Champion; Chichi Tullao, Foodie Extraordinaire; Seph Cham, Lifestyle Guru; and Camille Co, Style Maven. These #NowNation ambassadors brought together a community of millennials who discovered the power they had right in their hands.

Itch’s work for PayMaya illustrates that a fresh and innovative product speaking to millennials should do more than just advertise. It should excite, inspire, but most of all, enable these go getters to live out their wildest dreams…NOW.