Through the years, OLX has exponentially grown from being a simple home project to a thriving community of buyers and sellers.

The journey to the top has been paved with many challenges that have equally rewarded us with lessons learned along the way. With a brand as big and evolving as OLX, the nature of the business left no room for complacency. Itch’s innate creativity, organizational agility, and strategic decision-making proved to be invaluable assets, especially to the successional transition of OLX from its former name,

In order to create a lasting impression, the brand needed to stand out from its competitors, while educating the market about their service and its benefits. Itch translated the client’s direction into language and visuals that their target market would respond to. Through consistent strategy and adherence to brand identity and essence, we were able to give birth to memorable campaigns such as “Ano Hanap Mo?” which catapulted the OLX brand to household name status.

By 2014, having already dominated the Metro Manila online marketplace, OLX was ready to set their eyes on greater heights. So when they decided to expand their reach to the shores of Cebu, the Itch team jumped right in with them. And we’ve got to say: our Sinulog experience proved as colorful as the festival itself! Armed with the concept of family traditions, we were able to provide everything OLX needed to make its indelible mark in new territory. Itch handled everything from float production and design, to event management, to talent coordination and choreography. It was a week of very hard work, but a very fulfilling one.

Despite our greatest efforts, OLX unfortunately did not place in the float competition. However, the teams behind its fruition got so much more than a trophy. Friendships were made, expectations were exceeded, and fun was definitely had.