Viber is currently one of most recognizable instant messaging apps with over 400 million users. This global brand is a distinct one whose purple tones and playful stickers have captured hearts all over the world.

In this sense, the Viber brand is established and truly its own. At the same time however, its global presence requires it to resonate with different cultures, each distinct in a multitude of social aspects. Itch sought to connect the spirit of Viber to its Filipino users, especially to the discerning millennial.

Itch handled the Facebook content of Viber Philippines in a way that would highlight the brand’s message of spreading positivity and celebrating genuine personal connections. The team conceptualized and executed humorous posts featuring Viber stickers in relatable situations, motivational quotes, and tips on how to live positively every day, among others. The challenge lay in crafting these very Filipino Facebook posts without deviating from the particular brand guidelines attached to Viber as a global entity. With empathy for the digital Pinoy’s interests and witty use of the vernacular, the Viber Philippines Facebook page is a daily guide, not only on how to make the most out of the app, but also on how to enjoy life.

Itch was also one of the creative forces behind the execution of the “Vibe On!” campaign launched on March 2015, encouraging Filipinos to turn challenges around into positive experiences. We designed the launch event’s on-ground materials, crafted the social media posts that promoted the campaign, and even came out with a brand new set of Filipino stickers.

Technology changes at a breakneck speed and for an instant messaging app like Viber, being relevant every single day to its users is not just a bonus, it’s a must. Sure, it may be daunting for a small creative agency to take on a brand titan, but when that team is committed to producing great content and having fun with its work, then the good vibes never have to stop.