Armand Sazon
Managing Director

Big, Hairy, Audacious
Anton Villanueva
Digital Director

He's not conyo kaya!
Jia Mendoza
Accounts Director

Kapitana Mendoza, at your service!
Audrey Orallo
Associate Creative Director

~LiL' miZz j3j3m0N...,V(,")V
Nico Pablo
Associate Creative Director

Wicked Witch of the North
Kelsey Policarpio
Social Media Community Manager

Lola trapped in a Gen-Z body
Nikolai dela Cruz
Senior Art Director

Tito stuck in the 90s
Iona Lacson
Art Director

Stranger Thing of the Art Dept.
Ayi Mondragon
Art Director

Mayora. Masahista. Mango Lover.
Angie Cruz
Graphic Designer

Sixth Harmony
Paul Ruiz
Graphic Designer

Secret Boyband Member
Bench Fajardo
Multimedia Artist

One Man Band
Cy Sazon
Traffic / Producer

Resident Carebear
Adel Clemente
Accounts Officer

Cat Lady in the Making
Steph Firme
Accounts Officer

Leni San Agustin
Administrative Officer

The Real Tita of Manila
Pong Mendoza
Administrative Assistant

Prinsipe ng Padala
Jesus Llagas
Utility Officer

Our MESS-iah
When cliches don’t cut it, we make our own rules so we’re always ON purpose.
We, not I
My teammate’s success is my success as his/her failure is my failure. We are accountable for everything we do, and recognize our work as a group effort.
Collaboration is communication
We are transparent with one another so that we are always on the same page when it comes to our work.
Our clients are our partners
Our partnerships with clients play a major role in achieving the goals of any project. We owe our success not only to ourselves, but to them as well.
We fight despite...
Determination always outweighs limitation. We persevere despite big challenges.
We don’t know shit
There is always room for improvement, and so much more to learn. Each project is faced with a sense of humility and a hunger for knowledge.
We are brutal with the work we love
We are ready to let go of ideas we worked on and know that we can always be better. We accept constructive criticism with an open yet discerning mind.
We play to our strengths
We are a diverse group of people with our respective strengths. Our strengths are reflected in the quality of the work we produce.
If there’s a will, there’s a way
We will always have a solution and we adapt to any situation. Armed with resourcefulness, we believe we can do anything.
Our work is a science as much as it is an art.
Order does not stifle creativity. Accuracy, precision and structure all contribute to the process of coming up with effective and efficient work.
There is honor in advertising
We only take on projects that we can take pride in. We do not compromise our beliefs and values just to secure a paycheck.